Emotional Development & Pre- Schooling

Your three-year-old’s vivid fantasy life will help her explore and are available to terms with a good range of emotions, from love and dependency to anger, protest, and fear. She’ll not only combat various identities herself, but also she’ll often assign living qualities and emotions to inanimate objects, like a tree, a clock, a truck, or the moon.

Your assurance is what they calculate:
While it’s important to reassure your child when she’s frightened or upset by an imaginary incident, take care to not belittle or ridicule her. This stage in emotional development is normal and necessary and will not be discouraged.

Independence, one step at a time:
One of the simplest ways to nurture her independence is to take care of fairly firm control over all parts of her life, while at an equivalent time giving her some freedom. Let her know that you’re still responsible and that you don’t expect her to form the large decisions. When her friend is daring her to climb a tree, and she’s afraid, it’ll be comforting to possess you to say no in order that she doesn’t need to admit her fears. Look out for the best pre-school in Indore.

Expect your preschooler to introduce you to at least one of her imaginary friends. Some children have one make-believe companion for as long as six months; some change to pretend playmates a day, while still others never have one in the least or prefer imaginary animals instead. Don’t worry that these friends may signal loneliness or emotional upset.



The 71st republic day is celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at UNIVERSAL CHAMPS Pre –Primary wing, St. Mary Champion H.S. School, SURYADEV NAGAR on 25th January 2020.All the students assembled on school ground. After some time Principal ma’am and Director sir unfurled the National flag. The students saluted the National flag and pledged themselves upholding the honor and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India” The whole program was conducted by SR.KG students .They made everyone recite the pledge and delivered speech on the importance of Republic day and how it should be celebrated. The choir group presented a patriotic song . It was followed by a beautiful dance”REPUBLIC DAY MASH UP” by the SR.KG. students. Director felicitated the students by medals and certificates. Director sir addressed the children and applauded their reverence toward their hard work in their presentation and addressed the importance of this day. The students dispersed after sweets with the image of the fluttering tricolour in their minds.


“Just education is not enough , children must have sunshine, freedom and play time”.

At “UNIVERSAL CHAMPS”we believe in giving equal importance to work and play. A school picnic was organized for the Universal Champs Super-kids on 1st February, 2020. The venue for the picnic was Nakhrali Dhani Resort. Nakhrali Dhani is synonym to excitement. Inherited from the prosperous culture of Rajasthan and reflected into each element of entertainment, Nakhrali Dhani is a speculum of cultural treasure of a vibrant state like Rajasthan.

We started at 9:00 am in the morning. The little kids were super excited and kept singing songs in the bus till they reach the venue.

We were welcomed by the staff in Rajasthani style, the students were amazed to see different rides as they entered .Kids placed their bags in one corner were taken for breakfast i.e poha and jalebi.After the breakfast kids enjoyed different rides and shows. The most enjoyable time was in the D I S C O. Even the teachers couldn’t hold themselves back and joined the children.

After a tiring and a fun packed morning, we all headed for lunch where all the teachers and children relished Rajasthani food  filled with a variety of food. 

The children expressed their desire to visit the place again. Indeed, it was a great day for one and all. School picnic has always been the most awaited day of the year for the kids and teacher as it helps in strengthening the bond between them.

Three cheers for a wonderful picnic!!


“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”

As we all know, Sports help in overall development of students. Not only they will be physically and mentally strong but also learn morals such as team work, discipline, respecting others, etc.

The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on Tuesday 21st January 2020, with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The programme  began with the Principal, Mrs. Isabel Swamy welcoming the esteemed gathering and emphasizing on the importance of sports in a child’s life. The theme of the extravaganza was ‘Fun, Faith and Fitness’, as the young CHAMPIONS showcased the different aspects of being FIT, strengthening their Faith while having Fun. Students of classes Nursery, Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg competed in events including sprints, relays, frog race, obstacle race , Ball Balancing race, and kangaroo race.

The splendid show was followed by the felicitation of the winners in sports. The Prize Distribution Ceremony started with the Principal presenting medals and certificates to the winners of the Track events of Pre-Primary Classes.


Competitions are the best way to build the confidence in children. Keeping this in mind, STORY TELLING COMPETITION was conducted for Pre Primary of UNIVERSAL CHAMPS. Students were dressed up accordingly and presented their story with suitable props. Children were excited to listen to the stories. Every story recited was with moral. The content part and the presentation skills of tiny tots were outstanding. It also provides the atmosphere of joy.


Throughout the year, we arrange various activities, which help the little ones of Pre-primary section to gain valuable real life experiences. They enjoy learning by doing many activities in practical life. Students are introduced to various activities every month; this includes practical, field trip, hands-on experience and various other activities. These activities provide the foundation of all future learning. The children develop their fine motor skills, sensory skills, communication skills, phonetics, numerical skills, thinking & analytical skills, observation skills, physical skills, creative skills, etc. while doing a variety of practical oriented & well designed activities. The teachers & children use different types of teaching aids, specially made for this purpose.

Some of the activities are :-  Montessori Velcro frame activity, cotton pasting art and craft, fun with alphabets, vegetable vendor activity, colours week activity etc.


Children’s day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. UNIVERSAL CHAMPS always strives to emerge out something new for its students and children’s day is a day especially for them.

UNIVERSAL CHAMPS teachers gave a variety of performances for their students in order to convey their love and care for them. The children were completely immersed when they saw their teachers were dancing on the foot tapping songs on the stage. The scholars had a lovely surprise to begin their day, as each one received personal greetings from their teachers. The teachers presented the light-hearted programs like dances, skits, songs for their students, tattoos made by teachers on the hands of the students. The day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy as the beautifully dressed-up kids participated in various activities organized for them.


Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in various regions across India. The name ‘Deepavali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, UNIVERSAL CHAMPS had a celebration in school with all its grandeur. Teachers explained the importance of Diwali, the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Children decorated diyas with colors and glitter.

Both Teachers and students enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholehearted….


With the excitement of festive season in the air, UNIVERSAL CHAMPS organized a Diya Decoration Competition, in which PARENTS displayed their creativity in decorating the earthen lamps beautifully. All the parents enthusiastically participated in the activity.


A “Best out of Waste Material” competition was organized by UNIVERSAL CHAMPS for the parents of SR.KG. The parents had made beautiful decorative items. All the parents enthusiastically participated in the activity.



The children were shown a variety of vegetables, the teachers discussed the benefits of each type of vegetables.They were shown how the vegetable needed to be peeled/ cut etc. They also learnt to differentiated the vegetables on the basis of varieties. Deepti Tillu ma’am became the vegetable vendor, all the children were in great excitement. The teachers explained the value of each type for good health. They also explained the concept if a balanced diet. Expectedly the activity was extremely animated and the children enjoyed facilitating their own learning!


The much awaited festival Navratri was celebrated in UNIVERSAL CHAMPS a unit of ST. MARY CHAMPION SCHOOL with great joy and vigour.  Pre-primary Classes celebrated on 04/10/2019. Students and teachers came in traditional dresses. All of them celebrated the day with joy and cheer. It was a colorful show with teachers joining the students enthusiastically in their dance.