“All the fruits are very beautiful,

They keep us happiful,

And make us cheerful,

When we eat mouthful.

Fruit salad is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, sometimes served in a liquid, either in their own juices or a syrup. Fruit salads can be served as appetizers, desserts or as a side-salad.

The mothers of our NURSERY chirpy champs enthusiastically participated in the fruit salad making competition  at UNIVERSAL CHAMPS. The winner mothers were awarded the exciting prizes like Chef cap, apron  and certificate…….& the achievement’s goes to:-


1st runner-up = Mrs. PUSHPA PATIDAR

2nd runner-up = Mrs. MANISHA SHARMA



To increase the awareness about the negative changes in our environment, ecological day was celebrated in UNIVERSAL CHAMPS a unit of  St. Mary Champion’s School at Suryadev Nagar Campus. The main aim of observing this day is to change attitude towards environment and advocate partnership between each human being and society to ensure a safe future.

Plant a sapling, you plant a new life. The school authorities motivated the students to plant more and more trees in order to make the surroundings green .The teachers guided the student to make different articles from the waste materials, how to nurture plants ,what is  biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, how we can recycle it etc.


Today we had an auspicious occasion of Induction program in our school for universal champ’s parents. Chief Guest for the function were director sir and Principal Mam. Welcome speech was delivered by Mrs. Rashmi  Shishulkar. The introduction of Program was given by Mrs. Soniya  Jaiswani . The introduction and explanation of our teaching  methodology was given  to the parents through a power point presentation  by  Mrs. Steffi Swamy . Some Montessori activities such as pouring of water from a jug into a glass and arranging pink tower were demonstrated by Miss Varsha Punjabi ,Mrs. Sangeeta Nigam, Mrs  Dipti Tilloo and Miss Priyanka Karla.It helped the parents to understand Montessori Method.

Following activities were Demonstrated.

[1] Pouring of water from jug to a glass. This Activity helped parents to understand how it will develop Muscular and eye co-ordination of the child .

[2]This activity was held by Mrs. Steffy Swamy and Mrs.Dipti Tilloo . Papers and pens  were distributed to the parents and they were asked to write with the help of  their toes, which was not possible for them .With this activity parents were explained that how  children  find it difficult  to write when their fine motor skill s are not developed. 

[3] Pink Tower demonstration was given by Mrs Dipti Tilloo and Miss. Priyanka karla . In this activity tower was made with the help of blocks .Through this activity parents understood that how this activity will help their children to develop their muscular.

Co-ordination and the concept of gradation.Words of wisdom and enlightenment were delivered by our Respected Principal mam (Mrs. Isabel  Swamy).She discuss many parent related issues . At last but not the least vote of thanks was given to all the guests by Miss Priyanka Karla. Parents were very happy and satisfied with the program and with new teaching method introduce.