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Visit to a zoo

A Day Spent Outdoors Amongst Other Creatures Is Any Day Better Than Spending It In The Mall With Electronic Gadgets…!

It’s A Cute Sight But More Than That It’s A Great Revelation For Young Minds To See Their Favourite Animals Live-Up, Close, And At A Reachable Distance.

Zoo Visits Inform Children That Their Toy Animals, What They Read In Books, And See On Television Really Exist. This Reality Is Fun!

St Mary Champion School Arranged Field Trips. Field Trips Are A Regular Feature Of Many Preschool And School-Age Child Care Programs. A Field Trip Can Be As Simple As A Walk Around The Block, Or It Can Be As Complicated As A Bus Trip To A Distant Place. Children May Be Asked To Look At What They Normally See With New Eyes, Or They May Have The Opportunity To See Things To Which They Have Not Been Previously Exposed. Ideas About The Purposes Of Taking Field Trips Are As Varied As The Types Of Early Childhood Programs That Exist.

Children Saw Small Water Pond With Many Kinds Of Birds Swimming In It. It Was Interesting To See New Birds In An Enclosure. They Enjoyed Monkeys Chattering, Lion Roaring, Birds Chirping And Deer Running Behind The Fences. The Teachers Guided Them And Shared Facts About The Animals.

The Last Part Of The Trip Was Sitting On The Grass And To Have Delicious Lunch Which Their Mother Prepared And Snacks That Was Provided By The School.