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“Where each bud blooms in its true colors,

Where each day is a celebration of unity and harmony,

We are proud to be the children of that land of festivals, holy rivers, sacred shrines, lush green valleys and history of diverse cultures.”

Keeping this in mind the children of UNIVERSAL CHAMPS a unit of SMCS celebrated the free spirit of Independence Day with enthusiasm and joy on Wednesday,14th August 2019. The area was ablaze with the colors of the national flag and was decorated with Independence Day craft such as tri color balloons, pigeons and a huge flag.

The children worked very hard to put up a good show. The Jr. kg students represented the different states of India  and came dressed up in beautiful costumes. The Chirpy champs our Nursery children did Suryanamaskar displaying the ancient tradition of India. students performed a mind blowing and eye opening nukkad natak asking for Independence againt corruption, inflation, religious politics, casteism and other social evils. The students conducted the entire program and alsomade everyone recite the pledge. The dance presented by the and students brought to light the sacrifices of our brave soldiers.

To conclude, PRINCIPAL MA’AM Mrs. Isabel Swamy applauded the efforts of the students and inspired them to be independent, confident and proud Indians. Finally we all stood for the national anthem.